The Whole Mama

I am adding a new twist to my blog after a lot of thought, some recent conversations, and my general passion for one’s overall health. My idea is to focus my blog on six major aspects of wellness. ┬áThese six different categories would include exercise, diet, emotional, relational, spiritual, and kids health. I wanted to get your opinion on what might interest you as a reader or help meet some of your personal needs. Here is my current plan of direction…

The Whole Mama: It take’s more than one area in life to feel complete as a person. When you are imbalanced in one aspect, it is easy to become imbalanced in another. I am a believer that health is a circular equation. Spending time on each area on one’s general health can help bring a little more wholeness to a broken picture. In no way, do I claim to be 100% balanced in all areas of my life, but living life wholeheartedly as a healthy women and mother helps to drive me to be who I am today. May you find some renewal, some strength, and some passion in all the areas that life has to offer.

Exercise: Running, hiking, and snowshoeing tips. Local running routes and races. Helpful exercise tips and way’s to get started.

Diet: Recipes & gardening tips. How to make things from scratch. Helpful food planning tips and where to find local produce.

Emotional: How to balance stress, sleep, and one’s overall well-being. Guides to local counseling center’s, support groups, etc.

Relational: Balancing church, friends, and family. Fertility and infertility. Suggestions for local date nights.

Spiritual: Personnel reflections, local church’s, and book reviews. In my opinion, this is the most important category as all area’s flow from here.

Kids Health: Healthy eating for kids, exercising with kids, and growing brains.

* I am debating on adding a “Local” category for those of us who live in the Salt Lake City area. This category would include any reviews or lists of helpful places I had mentioned in the above lists. I can either include these ideas per specific category or as its own section.

I would love to have your feedback on these new ideas.